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Kabanga Referral Hospital provides affordable healthcare services like general medicine, surgery, obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatrics. We prioritize patient care and empowerment while collaborate with local and International organizations to promote health and wellness in the community. The hospital offers high-quality healthcare services in a welcoming and supportive environment.

About Us

Scope and Catchment:

  • Serves approximately 2.39 million people in the Kigoma region.
  • Acts as a central healthcare provider for refugees from Nduta and Nyarugusu camps.
  • Currently operates with 155 beds, catering to around 25,000 patients annually.



  • Latitude: -4.5101395, Longitude: 30.106778.
  • 8 KM from Kasulu Town
  • Kasulu District, Kigoma Region Tanzania

We envision a world of dignity and stand as a symbol of hope and excellence, dedicated to serve venerable with international healthcare standards


To be a beacon of hope, we pledge to consistently deliver exceptional healthcare solutions, ensuring dignity and excellence in every patient’s journey.






Team Work

Ownership & Establishment:

  • Faith-based facility owned by the Roman Catholic Church Diocese of Kigoma.
  • Founded in 1951 by Medical Missionary Merry.
  • Initial focus on leprosy patients through the OPD and Outreach Reproductive clinic

Legal Status:

  • Registered as a Private Hospital (Reg. No 162002) in 1997.
  • Designated as a 'Referral Hospital' by the Government of Tanzania since 2010.

Check List Bullet Status
Check List Bullet Status

Outpatient Services

  • Emergency Department: Immediate care for acute medical conditions and injuries.
  • Ambulance Services
  • Clinics: Specialized outpatient services, such as diabetes, eye, general Check, Mental health hypertension, or dental.
  • Diagnostic Services: Imaging (X-rays, Ultrasound, Echo Cardiogram, endoscope laboratory tests, and other diagnostic procedures.


Inpatient Services

  • Medical Wards: General care for non-surgical conditions.
  • Surgical Wards: Care for patients undergoing surgery and postoperative recovery.
  • Maternity Wards: Services related to childbirth and postpartum care.
  • Pediatric Wards: Specialized care for childrens
  • High Dependency Units (HDU): Critical care for patients with severe medical conditions or post-surgical care.

Specialized Care Services

  • General Surgeries
  • Orthopedic Surgeries
  • Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeries
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Internal Medicine

Most of these services conducted through well-organised outreaches

To schedule an appointment with doctor, please

Support Services

  • Pharmacy Services: Dispensing medications.
  • Rehabilitation Services: Physiotherapy
  • Mortuary Services


Preventive Services

  • Vaccinations and Immunizations: Preventive measures against infectious diseases.
  • Health Screenings: Regular check-ups and screenings for early detection of health issues.
  • Health Education Programs: Information and resources to promote healthy living.

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Kabanga Hospital is planning to coordinate a significant event for prayer and providing small aids to patients on World Day of the Sick, scheduled for February 11, 2024. Individuals who feel compelled to collaborate with the hospital and attend the event are kindly requested to contact the Hospital Administrator at +255 744 900 600.

Latest News

Heart-to-Heart Visit

Kabanga Hospital is currently hosting visitors from 'Heart to Heart' in Germany, who generously donated funds for the construction of new Outpatient Departments (OPDs) for both Phase 1 and Phase 2.


Specialist visit Jan 2024

The hospital management announces that specialist visits for January 2024 will take place from January 15th to January 19th. The visiting specialists will include General Surgeons, Physicians, ENT Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, and Gynecologists.

On January 22, 2024, Bishop Mlola bid farewell to visitors from Project Cure, namely Mr. Dwight and Peter, at Bishop House in Kigoma. The purpose of their visit was to conduct a needs assessment of medical equipment and consumables at Kabanga Referral Hospital.

SHMT AND RHMT was captured in a photograph dated 01/02/2024, following the supportive supervision conducted by RHMT at Kabanga Hospital. The primary objective of the supportive supervision was to enhance the quality of clinical care, infrastructure, management practices, and infection prevention and control (IPC). The assessment process was characterized by a friendly and collaborative approach.

Some of Healthcare administrators who attended the annual report meeting convened by the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Kigoma at the Mwilamvya Pastoral Centre on February 5, 2024, are hereby acknowledged.

On January 13, 2024, Kabanga Hospital, in collaboration with AFAS, organized a sports event that engaged hospital staff. The event featured various sports activities, including rope jumping, a short marathon, chicken chasing, and other games.

On January 8, 2024, the representative from Heart to Heart, the donor supporting the construction of the new Outpatient Department (OPD), visited Kabanga Hospital. During their visit, they had the opportunity to tour the entire hospital, gaining insights into the various services offered. On the following day, the hospital organized a brief ceremony to express gratitude for the invaluable support provided towards the construction of the OPD.

The Senior Hospital Management team, the Diocesan Health Secretary, and the representative from AFAS (Mr. Kasper) convened the annual report via a Zoom meeting with the AFAS Foundation from the Netherlands. During this session, both parties utilized the forum to discuss optimal strategies for enhancing project implementations at Kabanga in the year 2024, aiming to ensure that the executed projects contribute to the long-term sustainability of the hospital.



The Kabanga Hospital Foundation was founded in 2010 to improve the quality of care within the Kabanga Hospital in Tanzania. By raising money, the foundation tries to finance demand-driven projects for the hospital.

The AFAS Foundation from the Netherlands supports various projects at Kabanga Hospital. These projects aim to enhance the sustainability of the hospital by improving its operational efficiency and implementing initiatives for positive change.

Heart to Heart, one of our donors from Germany, has been instrumental in supporting the growth of our hospital. Recently, Heart to Heart generously donated funds for the construction of a new Outpatient Department (OPD) building, resulting in significant positive outcomes.

TanZanEye eV is an independent, non-profit organization under German association law. The purpose of the association is to promote development cooperation, in particular the prevention of visual impairment and blindness in Tanzania and worldwide.




Senior Hospital Management Team

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Dr. Peter Kitenyi

Medical Officer Incharge

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Nicolaus Keha


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Raphael Protase

HOD Finance

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Janeth Kivuyo

HR Officer

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Dr. Nuru Subi

HOD Clinical Services

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Daniel Linus





The AFAS Foundation and Kabanga will build a guest house in the Kabanga area to provide accommodation for specialist doctors, visitors, and friends of Kabanga who frequently come for various purposes at the hospital.

The renovation and expansion of the Grade A ward will enhance the comfort for our esteemed patients, especially those with specific needs.


The roofing of pathways project will build roofing for currently uncovered walkways. These walkways provide important connections between hospital buildings.

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